Naming Names

For lots of authors, me included, a story starts with a name. The name of the title, or the names of the characters. The beginning of Tempting Adam was easy. I wanted to play off the story of Adam and Eve.



Adam St.Eden was first. He was easy. St.Eden Studios in the paradise of Los Angeles.

Next I needed a heroine. Yvette, I felt, was close enough to Eve. Thus, Yvette Giardino (Italian for garden) now had a name.

St.Eden for the movie studio was a given. As was the seduction of Adam by Yvette to get his mind off the business and on to Yvette. The names fell into place and so did the story.

Tempting Adam is available at The Wild Rose Press,, and various online book stores.

Jill James


2 thoughts on “Naming Names

  1. Those pre-stages of a book are great! That’s the best part. Naming the book is a whole new story! I have to start the story, let ideas simmer for the name.

  2. Tonya, so true. I love being a writer most days. I have to have a title to really write a story. I was having trouble with a short story, The Reunion Plan. The title sucked. But some writers helped me with The Reunion Trap. I like that one much better.

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