TWRP Retreat – Asheville to home

May 15, 2011 – Asheville, NC to SFO and home

I wake up early again to photograph some cool plants that look nothing like I have at home. Breakfast is calm and sedate. Some people are packing and getting ready to leave. It is getting that, fun is over feel. I feel like I could stay here forever. The day is cooler than it has been after last night’s rain storm.

Back at the room I start packing and deciding what can go and what I need to toss as too much to fit in my suitcase, God willing, is actually at the airport like it is reported to be.

I check my GPS and see it is only 1.9 miles to the airport so I have a little time to say good-byes. I’m a little sad, realizing that this weekend has been an eye-opener in so many ways. Meeting my fellow Roses and hoping-to-be Roses, and the staff of TWRP who have made my publishing dreams come true.

One of the ladies at the retreat lost her husband of 37 years a little over a year ago and I realize that could be me someday. Up to this point I’ve hardly driven anywhere outside my comfort zone and I’ve always had my husband as a nice cushion to fall back on. I’m a total cliché, a Suzy Homemaker.

But like I told Rhonda that last day, everything happens for a reason. It was much better to learn I could cope with all the mishaps of this trip and drive myself half-way across North Carolina and get me enough supplies to survive the weekend now, as opposed to learning the hard way I couldn’t cope when I’m all alone.

After hugs all around I’m on my way to the airport, now stressing about ‘do I have everything? how do you turn in a rental car? and will I find my way around the airport?’ Hahahaha since the airport, once I arrive, is the size of my grandson’s elementary school, I don’t think getting lost will be a problem.

I get my luggage from the airline with a C. Yeah!!! It is actually there. I go to the bathroom and try to get all the new stuff in the already filled suitcase, only have to toss one sweater to make it all fit.

I check in and have lunch. Yummm! and call husband to tell him I’m safely at Asheville airport.

Once at my gate I get a phone call from airline with a D to tell me flight is delayed several minutes. Of course it is!!!

Puddle jumper

Finally get on another puddle jumper and fly 33 minutes to Atlanta to get BIG plane Boeing 767 home.

Arrive back in San Francisco, Sunny California to rain!!! and the person I’m most thrilled to see….husband!!!

I talk non-stop all the way home about the adventure, but he’s used to that and just nods and says yes or no from time to time.

Jill James


8 thoughts on “TWRP Retreat – Asheville to home

  1. Jill, Great blog, not just this segment, but all of them. It was great meeting you and having the chance to tour the Biltmore with you.

    I’m glad you made it home safe to your husband and family. As you mentioned we do take our husbands for granted sometimes and I would give anything to have mine back, but he did try to teach me to be independent, but I still find it hard at times.

    I hope we get to meet again some day. Maybe by that time I will be a rose and not just a wanna be.

    Till we meet again, keep those fingers typing away.

  2. Shouldn’t say it, but there’s nothing better than turning over the keys to hubby and just letting him drive. It’s a hazard of being married. My husband travels all the time for work, so it’s just easier to let him handle the logistics. LOL at him nodding and saying a word or two. Such a guy thing.

    • Carly, it is a guy thing. But in our case, after 23 years of marriage he knows he won’t get a word in edgewise when I’ve come back from meeting with a group of writers. LOL

    • Mary, if someone had told me all the troubles I was going to have I wouldn’t have left home in the first place and think of what I would have missed. Good thing I don’t have ESP. LOL

  3. Too funny, Jill. I also returned home from Boston on May 16th – to RAIN – had rain the entire time I was in Boston! But the sun has pretty much been out ever since. Yay for CA!

  4. Lynne, thanks. But it is raining and cold here today. Second time this week. I’ve decided that the tsunamis shifted the earth and now we are Seattle. hahahaha

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