TWRP Retreat – Asheville, North Carolina

May 12, 2011 San Francisco – Asheville, NC

Storm clouds

First leg is to Houston, by way of Dallas. Big thunderstorms mean we have to go around the storms to get to Houston. But we don’t have enough fuel to do that so we have to stop in Dallas to get fuel, to fly into Louisiana and come back around to get to Houston. It’s a good thing I have a long layover.

The rest of the flight was so good. Got up at 3 a.m. no problem. Got to airport. Got to gate and had pastry and coffee. We didn’t even hit turbulence until we hit the Texas border. Then we hit the storm of the century as Pvt. Tim at Ft. Hood, Texas is calling it.

Snow-capped mountains

It’s kind of funny to fly alone all the way across the country but at least I get the window seat. I enjoy taking pictures of snow-capped mountains and the mesas of Arizona and New Mexico.

So, we refuel, fly to Louisiana, and come back through Beaumont Texas. LOL

Missed my connecting flight by thismuch. 2 minutes. I run up to the gate, out of breath, to see the little cart pushing my plane away from the gate. The airline which will remain nameless, but starts with a C gets me a flight to Charlotte, NC, which is then 2 1/2 hours more delayed with 4 gate changes. My husband is back home arranging the rental car for me for when I arrive in Charlotte.

Puddle jumper

Finally, got on the little itty bitty puddle jumper. 1 seat, aisle, two seats. About 6 -7 feet across the whole cabin of the plane.

On the runway we are delayed some more for wind shear. So they turn up the A/C and it starts snowing in the plane. The a/c is so cold that the condensation is turning into snowflakes. hahahaha

For a little plane the flight isn’t too bad at all. Until I arrive in Charlotte to baggage claim to discover that my luggage wasn’t on the plane. I’ve had enough for one day. I get the car and find a hotel.

It is hard to sleep in a strange place all alone. I leave the tv on low, a light on across the room, and finally pass out about 1:30 a.m. with the alarm on my phone set for 5 a.m.

–to be continued on Monday


21 thoughts on “TWRP Retreat – Asheville, North Carolina

  1. Since I got to meet you at the retreat, I have to tell everyone that Jill was the picture of “calm at the eye of the storm” after such a harrowing adventure. She’s a survivor and that’s what she learned. So glad we met, Jill.

  2. Airplane travel is stressful. But I hope you had a great time when you got to NC. It’s a beautiful state from coast to coast. I call it home.

    • Lilly, I did have a great time once I arrived. Amazing how little you can get by with if you have to. It was a gorgeous state. New flora and fauna to explore, plus the Biltmore Estate.

  3. Wow, Jill, the retreat would have to be spectacular to make up for your rough start!

    Can’t wait to hear more about TWRP writer’s retreat come Monday.

  4. Oh Jill, what an entertaining read about your harrowing adventure. The storm you mention must have been the one that had us on the ground last Thursday in Charleston, SC for hours as we tried to get to San Francisco – by way of Houston.

    On the plane, off the plane, on the plane…finally “good news – Houston has ok’d landing there…whoops….bad news..we have an oil light…just a few more minutes while we add oil.” An hour later they let us off the plane, again. At that point, we’d lost our Houston connection.

    We changed flight plan to early Friday morning. They ok’d a hotel for us in Charleston but couldn’t find a room due to concerts and conventions. Fortunately my in-laws still had the beach house until Friday morning so we rented a car for a few hours, drove back there, got 5 hours sleep, a shower then returned to the airport. Friday we flew Charleston to Chicago to LasVegas to San Francisco, but all on time!

    Flying can be an ordeal, but it does beat wagon trains across the prairie.

    Glad you had a great experience when you finally arrived in Asheville!

    • Deb, sounds like you had quite an adventure too. This was only my second time to fly by myself and my first time to go somewhere that I knew no one when I got there.

  5. That can be frightening, but also exciting. I remember the feeling! Congratulations on making it through and obviously making new friends in the process! Gives a person added confidence, don’t you think?

  6. LOL!! That is too funny in such a horrible way. Snowing inside the plane put me over the edge. Of course you had to lose your luggage to cap off part one of your trip. I hope the retreat was worth it.

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