May Day

May Day Basket

A day late, but still one of the most wonderful memories I have of childhood. In our house, May Day was the day to make baskets out of paper and fill them with flowers from the neighborhood and hung on our mother’s bedroom door to surprise her with.

I can remember getting up so early there was still dew on the flowers we stole…ahem borrowed from the neighbors to gift our mother. She always acted so surprised and happy to see the flowers each May Day.

Traditions make a family and its memories. As a writer, if you want your characters to be real and 3 dimensional, add family traditions to the story.

What do they do for Christmas? Big celebration? No celebration? Why? Did they have big family dinners? Or quiet ones with the kids not allowed to talk? Those traditions make a family and make memories and make us who we are in adulthood.

If you are a reader, what family traditions do you like to see in books?
If you are a reader, what family traditions of your own do you add to your stories?


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  1. HI Jill,
    I love Mayday myself. I wanted to thank you for the Tempting Adam which I got through Truly Madly Deeply. Great site and thanks again. I could not find an email for you.

  2. Debby, congrats on winning a prize through Truly Madly Deeply. I’m updating my website and need to add a contact page yet. Thanks, Jill

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