Spring Bling Fling – Day 4

Welcome to the Spring Bling Fling.


Yesterday’s question: Truth, at least it was when I was 12! LOL

The winner of beautiful bangle bracelets is: AJ Nuest

Onto Day4

In my book, Tempting Adam, Yvette believes her lies are for the greater good, so that makes them okay. For this contest I will give you one statement about myself, each day this week, Monday through Friday. In the comments, state whether you believe it is a truth or a lie. Tomorrow I’ll let everyone know whether it is true or false and the two winners each day of some pretty bangle bracelets from India. Just leave truth or lie, or true or false, in the comments.

***I have a tattoo in a hidden place.***

Let the comments begin


3 thoughts on “Spring Bling Fling – Day 4

  1. La, la, lahhh…here’s me, happily skipping in for today’s guess. Am I driving you completely bonkers with these long, involved answers? Not sure if I’m making you laugh or cry. I’m hoping for the first option. Okay, my immediate response to this question was YES! You have a tattoo. But after a moment’s reflection, I’ve decided to go with NO. This is false. Although you’re quite proud of your recent belly button piercing, you opted to stay away from ink. 🙂

  2. I say Yes…well maybe…well No.I should make up my mind.So I will go with YES!!! This is a fun contest I might add.If you don’t well have no fear I am sure I can find you a temp tat that will be perfect. 🙂

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