Spring Bling Fling – Day 3

Welcome to the Spring Bling Fling.


Yesterday’s question: Nope, total lie. If you want me in the great outdoors you will have to drag me, kicking and screaming.

The two winners of beautiful bangle bracelets are: AJ Nuest and Sarah Grimm

Ladies, please send your snail mail addresses to jill@jilljameswrites.com so I can send your packages.

Onto Day 3 

In my book, Tempting Adam, Yvette doesn’t tell Adam she is a corporate raider, hired to bring down his company from within. For this contest I will give you one statement about myself, each day this week, Monday through Friday. In the comments, state whether you believe it is a truth or a lie. Tomorrow I’ll let everyone know whether it is true or false and the two winners each day of some pretty bangle bracelets from India. Just leave truth or lie, or true or false, in the comments.

***I can ride a unicycle.***

Let the comments begin

One thought on “Spring Bling Fling – Day 3

  1. YAHOO! I’m going to be sooooo stylin’ with my new bling! I can’t believe I’ve won two days in a row! I never win anything! This is AWESOME! Okay, I’m guessing that no, you can’t ride a unicycle. During your early years in the circus, an unfortunate cycling accident (involving a buff, but clutzy juggler) left you with a sprained ankle. Much to your dismay, this signaled the end of your high-top career. You resolved to stay on two wheels instead of one, and have been happily bicycling ever since. 🙂


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