Spring Bling Fling – Day 1

Welcome to the Spring Bling Fling.


In my book, Tempting Adam, Yvette and Adam start their relationship based on lies. For this contest I will give you one statement about myself, each day this week, Monday through Friday. In the comments, state whether you believe it is a truth or a lie. Tomorrow I’ll let everyone know whether it is true or false and the two winners each day of some pretty bangle bracelets from India. Just leave truth or lie, or true or false, in the comments.

***I’ve been to a nudist camp***

Let the comments begin.



3 thoughts on “Spring Bling Fling – Day 1

  1. You’re a romance novelist, Jill. Of COURSE you’ve been to a nudist camp. Who could pass up such a great opportunity to gather that much “scenery”. I vote truth!

  2. Hehehe – love it! : ) Don’t worry about putting me in the draw since postage to NZ will be horrendous, but just had to put my vote in too. I say you HAVE been – truth!

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