Blog a Book – Cold Truth by Mariah Stewart

Cold Truth is a startling study of murder in a small town. Once a victim of a vicious crime, Cassie Burke is now a homicide cop. She is joined by FBI agent Rick Cisco to hunt down the Bayside Strangler, a killer who has struck in this small town before.

I loved the characters of Cassie and Rick and their growing relationship in the midst of murder. The other people in this small town all banded together to protect each other…or do they?

Great read. A++  Jill James


2 thoughts on “Blog a Book – Cold Truth by Mariah Stewart

  1. I need to get this one! I’ve started my new cozy and all I read is mystery when writing mystery. When I’m writing women’s fiction, I read all women’s fiction:) Thanks, Jill.

    • Tonya, hahaha when I’m working on something I read in every subgenre BUT the one I’m writing in. There are so many different ways to write, aren’t there?

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