Whip That W.I.P.

In Romancelandia WIP stands for one thing – Work In Progress. This is whatever is your current manuscript you are working on. Right now I’m doing edits on a paranormal romance, writing a short story for Truly Madly Deeply Romance Authors blog, and working on another paranormal romance and contemporary romance. I think there is one more thing, but can’t place it at the moment.

For writers, it is our writing. For other people a WIP could be a project, looking for a new job, losing that last 10 pounds, or a new way of looking at yourself. Actually, writers do all those things too. We just don’t always think of them as our WIP. Really, a person is a WIP – always. We try to better our education, our livelihood, our body image, etc.

So, I told you all my WIP’s. What is yours?  Jill


4 thoughts on “Whip That W.I.P.

  1. Hey, Jill. Cute post. In mid-west Romanclandia, the WIP (other than my current Inspy novel) is getting those yards raked free of all the dead leaves, plants and grass. Oh, and babysitting my cat, who had to have emergency surgery on Friday.

    • AJ, thanks for the stop-by. Poor kitty. Hope he feels better. Spring is coming here in Northern California. Sunshine, rain here and there. About 65 today. yeah!!

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