Editing is Discovery

I spent this week editing and revising my paranormal romance, Dangerous Shift. I never realized that editing allows you to fall in love all over again with your story. I have always loved this story. It is the story of my heart. It was the first true kick-ass heroine I wrote. It was the first story that I truly pushed the boundaries with the love scenes. I love paranormal, futuristic romance and this was a love affair to write. This was one of those stories where you feel the story is writing itself. You sit down eager to write, to see where the characters will take you today. You love the characters, the setting, the adventures, trials, and happily ever after.

I discovered all over again that I love my writing. I don’t mean it is perfect, I mean I spotted gems along the way, a few sentences that just flowed. I saw places where I still cried reading the dialogue. I fell in love with this story all over again. It was like when you read a story by your favorite author and are swept along in the story. That is how I felt today. I want to hold that feeling deep inside for the days the writing is not flowing, the days I hate my characters, and for the days the words will just not come. Yes, I want to hold this feeling forever.

Have you ever finished something and just been satisfied with a job well-done?

Jill James


6 thoughts on “Editing is Discovery

  1. I loved my first completed manuscript like that, it was a historical vampire story, that required a ton of research, which I loved. Of all heroes I’ve writen this one was my all time favorite. I still that character as much today as I did when he first stepped onto the page.

  2. I also enjoy the editing process. I do re-read sections that just flow so nicely and have some great phrases or lines that give me a chuckle or make me teary-eyed. I wonder if readers will have the same reaction to it as I did, or a completely different one. I got a recent review where the reviewer commented that my villain sounded like Snidely Whiplash, LOL! I thought, gee, I had that much of an impact on this reader. It wasn’t exactly the reaction I was going for, but it made me think how powerful writing can be.

    • Kat, before I had an editor I did not enjoy editing. I couldn’t see my own mistakes. I’m getting better now. “Snidely Whiplash” maybe not the connection you were looking for, but at least he reminded her of someone.

  3. Great, Jill! I think the more the write, the better it becomes. You begin to catch those little mistakes and move onto the bigger mistakes, then in the next book~you fix those bigger mistakes. It’s all a process. I’m so happy you’ve discovered how much and what you love to write!

    • Tonya, so true. The editor went through my first book and told me all my mistakes. So, I went through the next book looking for those mistakes. They weren’t there, a whole new set of mistakes were. LOL

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