The Art of War for Writers

The Art of War for Writers by James Scott Bell

This is an amazing and must-read book for writers. I didn’t feel that every comment related to me or my style of writing, but overall the book had some great advice and help for writers.

There is a section, “A foundation in discipline is always the first step toward victory.” Basically, writing is work. Treat it like work. Show up every day. Get the words down. Do your job.

Any other writing books that have inspired you? Tell me about them.

Jill James


2 thoughts on “The Art of War for Writers

  1. How to Write Killer Fiction is one of my all time favs! Of course, Mary Buckham is great too. AND in April, Tricked Out Toolbox~Marketing and Promotional Tools Every Writer Nees is coming out from me and Misa Ramirez~SQUEEE!

    • Tonya, I have How to Write Killer Fiction too. We had a workshop with Mary Buckham and Dianne Love, it was amazing. Can’t wait for the Tricked Out Toolbook to come out.

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