The Golden Globes

I love award shows. I love seeing how everyone is dressed and who is with whom. Although it does not have the prestige of the Oscars I love how much the actors seem to have fun and enjoy mingling with their peers. I think it is great that you can get acknowledgment for your work.

Writers don’t always have such tangible proof of their hard work. We can get great sales numbers, on a list like the New York Times or USA Today, and romance has the Rita, but those are things the general reader may not know, understand, or care about. The best way to show our hard work is to write the next book.

Having the next book coming soon or a backlist to direct readers to is the only thing a writer has to give to a reader. A good story is the best present you can give.

I’m working on the next book right now. So back to work.  Jill James


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