The Naked Hero

I know I’ve blogged a blog for The Naked Hero before but there is an excellent post there about revising history. Changing the Classics. I’m taking about the white-washing (yes, I use that term deliberately) of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. I have never been a fan of the N word and I don’t believe in its use. My mommy and daddy would have had me drinking dish soap if I had used it. But, at the time of Twain’s writings it was in use and a valid word for his stories.

Mark Twain must be spinning in his grave. I would like to know who even thought they had the right to change Twain’s writings. As a writer, I’m appalled by the idea that years from now my words could be misconstrued and changed by anyone not happy with what I wrote. This is worse than copyright infringement.

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly, Jill. The original words of authors should never be “sanitized” to soothe the sensibilities of a particular audience. Stephen King in his book On Writing says that even if readers are not ready to hear the truth, that shouldn’t stop writers from writing it. Even in fiction it is essential that the writer convey a realistic story world and that may mean crossing some people’s line of sensibility. That should never be changed at a later time because it may alter the whole feel of the story.

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