The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing

This is the most awesome new blog. They are doing articles and information about the brave new world of e-publishing. Everything and everyone you need to know to jump into the water in this new exciting time in publishing and being an author. D.D. Scott, Misa Ramirez, Tonya Kappes, and L.A. Lopez tell it like it is in the e-Pub world.

The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing


Jill James


2 thoughts on “The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing

  1. Thanks, Jill. I think it’s high time authors start taking their careers back. I want them to do what is best for books and just being aware is all I’m after.

    • Knowledge is power and I believe writers and authors need all the power we can get. There are so many choices now and we need to know what each entails and whether it is right for us or not.

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