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Book Trailers are fun to watch. The easiest way to check them out is to Google ‘romance book trailers’. This weekend I had one made. It was a fun and informative experience. Suzannah Safi is an artist and she made the process so easy. She asked questions, gave me some choices to choose from, and made magic.

I wasn’t sure what my vision for the book trailer was until Suzannah sent the first outline and I got to see what her vision was of my story. It was a lot easier to say I like this, can we change this, instead of figuring out what I wanted out of nothing. LOL

Once she sent me the completed book trailer I cried happy tears watching it. It made it so real. It was like watching a movie of your book. The pictures, the music, it all fit together so seamlessly. Suzannah made it seem simple, but I’m sure she put a lot of work into making it happen.

First, the characters were in my head. Then, they were on the page for me to play with. Once I got a contract they became not just my creations. So, when Suzannah made the book trailer it was like magically they had breathed and lived on the screen.

As soon as I have the codes and all the book trailer will be on the Books Page on this website.

Until then, Be Tempted, Jill James

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