When I Fall In Love – Lynn Kurland

Lynn Kurland’s time-travel romances are a delicious read. The idea that the only reason you haven’t found your true love is that you were born in the wrong time is a very tempting idea to many people. I’ve read all of them but, When I Fall In Love is so perfect, it is amazing.

Nicholas is a true knight in shining armor. Too bad he is in the 13th century, because he is so perfect for Jennifer who is stuck in the 21st century. So, with the help of three meddling…er sorry, helpful family ghosts, Jennifer is transported back to the 13th century, almost burned as a witch, and rescued by our wonderfully handsome knight in shining armor. Nicholas’s brothers are awesome secondary characters and the ending is to die for in the land of happily-ever-after.

This book is definitely an A+ and destined for my keeper shelf….Jill James