Rogue Wave – Boyd Morrison

Great reading. Very thrilling with the tight timeline to disaster. I’ve been to Hawaii and the idea of a Tsunami is always present when you are there, with signs for evacuation routes and high-placed sirens for warnings.

Morrison makes the disaster book personal by introducing us to Kai Tanaka and his family. They are quaintly dysfunctional which makes how they pull together at the end so much more poignant.

Having visited Hawaii the story was more scary picturing the disaster unfolding. His The Ark is in hardcover and coming in paperback. Looks like a great read too.

Jill James


4 thoughts on “Rogue Wave – Boyd Morrison

  1. Sounds like a great read. Considering we live in earthquake country, it still seems unsettling see all the escape routes in Hawaii.

    • There was an article in the RWR about romantic suspense and I’m sure thrillers are the same, about the thrill of danger without actual danger to the reader. Every once in awhile I’ll read a thriller, or horror, or sci fi as a change from romance.

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