Christmas Party

Saturday, we had our RWA chapter Christmas Party. Our guest speaker was Cindy Gerard. She was awesome. I love her books, but hearing her in person was great. She did some great workshops but I loved the one on Self-Doubt. In order to be a successful writer you must confine, control, and dominate self-doubt. Or at least, something like that.

The year of getting my first book published is nearing an end and self-doubt has begun to rear its ugly head.

It was a fluke, you can’t do it again.

You aren’t going to sell any books, except to family and friends; maybe not even them.

You’re published, quit now while you are ahead.

Grrr, I’d like to punt kick self-doubt into the next century, but it needles you just a little. What if she’s right? Maybe my conscience knows what it is talking about?

Nah!!! I refuse to listen to that negative voice. I am a published writer! Stand tall! Own it!! (I know, too many exclamation points, but I mean it.)

To every one this year. Follow your dream, make it happen, kick self-doubt to the curb. Thanks, Cindy.

What do you do to send self-doubt away?

Jill James


8 thoughts on “Christmas Party

  1. Jill, I LOVED this post. So spot on. This being my first year at TWRP, my self-doubt has taken the form of “no one will like it”. Or even better – the steamy scenes. Those give me a ton of self-doubt. As in, “Hide your husbands, girls, here she comes.” Living in a small community can have it’s ups and downs. Everyone is supportive and reads/buys my novels, but there in lies the rub, doesn’t it?

    • AJ, thanks for stopping by the blog. I went to my husband’s office party and everyone congratulated me about my book. He is so proud he is telling everyone about it. No pressure there!!! LOL

  2. Love it–“kick it to the curb.” And I love AJ’s “Hide your husbands, girls.” SD can get us in no many ways. As Cindy said, she’s a heinous b****. Thanks for the great post!!! Solidarity, sister!!!

  3. I think it’s there in all of us, just waiting to rear it’s ugly head. When I feel it tugging at me, I force myself to think about something else. Keep plugging away. Find a different project to work on if writing circles me back to that. Waste time on Facebook games. Eesh.

    • Claire, thanks for stopping by the blog. Luckily, I’m usually an upbeat person. When I get sad or angry or hear the SD voice it lasts a very short time.

  4. Self-doubt is so huge in writing. I’ve battled it for 4yrs, and it’s frightening to think it could actually cause me to quit writing. Which it has come close to doing several times. I battle it everytime I write, blog, or anything to puts me out there. So keep battling it.

    • Lee, I’ve been with you and you with me through every step of the journey the last 4 years. “It can only get better” is my mantra now. And look where it lead me, and I hope it leads you there too.

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