Happy Thanksgiving

I enjoy Thanksgiving very much. a)I don’t cook b)I know Christmas is coming.

My sister-in-law and mother-in-law do most of the cooking. Our house has Christmas Day dinner. So we take sodas, pies (Costco), and chips and dips. I enjoy the time of sitting in the kitchen, the guys in with the tv and football, and talking about the year just past and the one coming up. How much the boys have grown and what does everyone want for Christmas.

The rest of my family is at Ft. Hood Texas (son, Pvt. Tim) and San Diego (brother, sister-in-law, niece, and soon to be born nephew) That is it. It is me and husband’s family for Thanksgiving. We don’t even have grandson and daughter this year, they will be in Disneyland.

I think it will be a quiet year this Thanksgiving. Our nephew the only child and a few less people, and thinking about those not there and those not here anymore.

I am thankful for all I have, all the ones I love, and all those who have touched my life.

Happy Thanksgiving, Jill James


4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. This Thanksgiving is very special since my grandson is back on U.S soil, and not in the trenches of war. Although, I won’t see him, there is skype, and you better believe I’ll be in front of that screen, to see him, my son and the other grandkids, my nieces, nephews and my sister. It’s amazing how technology has made our world so much smaller, but for me, much better.
    Have a great Thanksgiving…

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