Deal Breaker by Harlen Coben

One of my new favorite shows is Hardcover Mysteries on ID Investigation Discovery Channel. This past week was a show with Harlen Coben talking about a crime that took place in Reno, NV. I remember the case well, but listening to Mr. Coben speak was amazing. He has such a command of the language and adds feeling to something as dry as a criminal case. I had never read any of his books that he talked about during the show. I quickly remedied that by going to the bookstore and getting Deal Breaker, the first Myron Bolitar Novel. OMG!

Myron is a character that you are willing to follow anywhere from the first line of the book. He is a smart-ass of the first degree. From the line about being named Myron “To answer the obvious question: No, he never forgave his parents.” I was drawn in; hook, line, and sinker.

Myron is a sports agent, a field I know nothing about, but Coben makes it so seamless to pull us into that world and make us feel we know how it operates and what deals go down in this world.

Originally published in 1995 some of the technology, or lack thereof, is laughable in our current heavy tech-reliant world we live in. Without cell phones, Google, and the amazing internet we have today, investigating anything was a lot harder back then.

The storyline is tense, action-packed, and exciting. The dialogue snaps and the characters leap off the page. I can not wait to get the rest of these books.

Jill James