Exercise & Writing

I’ve discovered a direct correlation between going to the gym, working out with my trainer, and productivity at the laptop. After I work out, the blood flows, the adrenaline sings in my brain, and I can come home and write for hours. And it is good writing. With a plot, storyline, character arcs and all.

Hopefully, once I no longer have the trainer I’ll be able to work myself hard enough to get the same effects. There is something about working up a sweat, pushing your body’s muscles to their limits, then coming home and working your mental muscles to their limit to really feel like you’ve done a good day’s work.

Then a shower and a good meal and you feel complete.

Do you make exercise a part of your daily routine? If you are a writer, do you make sure to make time to work out as well?

Jill James


10 thoughts on “Exercise & Writing

  1. You should make exercise part of your daily routine otherwise you get a big bum and humped shoulders (ahem!). I like to walk. I live near the sea and I find that just walking can give me huge inspiration – sometimes :).

  2. I’m with you on this one. I also believe it’s important not to let our bodies stagnate, since we writers sit at desks so much.

    I don’t go to the gym, but I do aerobics at home using a DVD, an exercise bike and a mini-trampoline. I alternate one day of aerobics with one day of gentler exercise. For that, I use the simple exercises in the book Brain Wave Vibration by Ilchi Lee.

  3. I agree. Since I’ve reentered the gym my productivity has tribled, if not more. I feel so much better, clearer head, and when I’m on the tread mill, I’m thinking of my story, or blog.

  4. I do go to the gym. Actually glad I saw this, because I was thinking of skipping today. I always feel better when I’ve been working out and keeping my body in shape – it definitely keeps the mind in shape, too!

  5. Hi Jill! I do make sure when I’m on a writing binge that I stop and walk every couple hours. It takes me about 35 minutes for two miles circle near my house. The dogs love it and the air is great to jump start my imagination.

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