Edge of Sight – Roxanne St. Claire

Edge of Sight is an amazing beginning to a new series of books by Rocki St. Claire. The story of Samantha (Sam) Fairchild, the witness to a murder and Zach Angelino, a returned war vet with scars on the outside and the inside. Sam and Zach have a great backstory of a few weeks fling, Zach went off to war, and promptly never contacted Sam again. There are great secondary characters in Zach’s sister, Vivi and the extended Rossi family.


The sexual tension and the suspense tension never lets up. It is hot and exciting on every page. I loved this story from first line to The End.

Jill James


4 thoughts on “Edge of Sight – Roxanne St. Claire

    • Rocki, so glad I read the ‘free read’ on your website. It was the perfect setup to this story. I loved knowing what Zach and Sam had meant to each other before this story. Great job!!

  1. I’ll have to read this book. Rocki was a guest on Magical Musings last Thursday, and it was one of the funniest and most honest posts about being a writer that I’ve read.

    • Edie, thanks for stopping by. It is a great book and an excellent set-up for the series. Also check out her free read on her website. It really adds to the reading experience of Edge of Sight.

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