The Bone Island Trilogy – Heather Graham

Not in a long time have I been so entertained by a trilogy by Heather Graham. The books were definitely interconnected but each was an awesome tale all on its own. In writing classes I’ve heard of using setting as a character, but I don’t think I understood that until these stories. Key West is a character all by itself. The history, the people, the legends, and the ghosts. I so want to go there.

Ghost Shadow – is the story of Katie O’Hara and David Beckett. Wrongly accused of murder, after 10 long years David Beckett returns to his home after the death of his grandfather. When history starts repeating itself everyone looks to David as the guilty party – everyone but Katie, who believes in David with all her heart. I loved that the ghosts of Key West are secondary characters in this tale. Bartholomew is really cute, for a pirate ghost, sorry — a privateer.

Ghost Night – is the story of Vanessa Loren and Sean O’Hara. After a slasher movie gone murderously wrong, Vanessa is determined to get Sean, a world-renowned photographer to prove that something or someone killed the lead actors of her movie and it’s not the guy everyone is blaming.  The scariness of Haunt Island and the history of the area add so much to this story and make for a great, satisfying ending.

Ghost Moon – is the story of Kelsey Donovan and Liam Beckett. After the death of her grandfather, Kelsey returns to Key West and to Liam, who has never forgotten her. Mysterious going-ons at her grandfather’s house point to Satanism, witchcraft, and evil. But cop Liam is sure the trouble facing Kelsey is a little bit more of the human variety. The paranormal twisting through the tales made them all excellent reads, and an amazing story when added all together.

Jill James


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