If you are a Type A personality perfectionism rears its ugly head a lot, no more so than in your writing. How many times have you heard a writer say, “I’ll send it in, but…”  But, it needs one more edit. But, I need to make some changes. But, it’s not perfect yet. But, its not as good as Nora Roberts, Stephen King, or Clive Cussler (whatever your genre may be.) But, but but. Face it, people. It is never perfect. Yes, you can make it the best your can, and you should. But, it will never be perfect. I know published writers who don’t read their published books because if they find a mistake there is nothing they can do about it. And that irks them to no end.

Polish the story until it shines. Check grammar and spelling. Make sure you have GMC and all that other stuff we take all the classes to learn, in your story. Write tight and take out unnecessary words and plotlines and characters. Be sure the characters are real and unique. Make it the BEST it can be, then send it on its way. You can’t get published with a manuscript sitting under your bed collecting dust bunnies. You can’t let the world enjoy your stories if you don’t let them go. Lots of writers compare their stories to children, I don’t go that far except when it is time to let them go out into the world. You do the best you can and then you let them go.

Are you a perfectionist? Do you have trouble letting go?

Jill James


8 thoughts on “Perfect!!

  1. I’m definitely a perfectionist. I think I must drive my agent and editor nuts because I’m never failed to send them a “final draft” then looked at it again and caught a couple of errors and sent them an “Oops, I mean read this one.” But I’ve vowed not to do that on the next one. Really!

    • Virna, this is my year to really look deep inside and see what I’m made of and who I want to be. If you vowed to learn to let it go with the next one that is definitely a good step.

    • Clarissa, thanks for stopping by my blog. I had a terrible time doing edits for my soon-to-be published book. I had to put the story aside while the editor had it or it would be different by the time her edits came back. LOL

  2. The problem I have I’ve had to many workshops, classes and lessons on writing, and it has totally thrown me into a place of confusion. I need to let it all go and just write and deal with the rest later.

  3. Jill, Sound advice, and not only for writers, could apply to anyone with a desire to achieve. —- I’ve even met ‘dedicated’ readers not reading for fear of finding the story/author material disappointing. I’m not one. I’m truly looking forward to reading your new release; Tempting Adam, by Jill James from The Wild Rose Press. —- Erin

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