The Disappearance – Bentley Little

Yes, I’m a romance writer but I love horror novels. Stephen King, Dean Koontz, John Saul. I love that there seem to be no rules. Kill the dog, the cat, the kids – it doesn’t matter, everything goes. You can write the most deviant person, make him kill a bunch of people, and he’s not even the bad guy in your book!

The Disappearance has very likable characters – Gary, his girlfriend Joan, and their college friends. They all go to Burning Man in the desert and Joan is kidnapped. They try to get help from the police but everything looks like Joan never existed. Her Facebook and MySpace pages are gone and her college records are deleted.

Gary and his friends set out to rescue Joan and discover the twisted darkness of religious cults. I love how Little takes everyday things and twists them until we see the dark, twisted undersides. This was an excellent story with likable characters and a believable plot.

Jill James