Feeling Our Emotions

I’ve noted a disturbing trend lately. I’m noticing my emotions. Now, I’ve always been an emotional being, just ask my best friend. I cry at Hallmark commercials, Little House on the Prairie reruns, and inspirational speeches at RWA conferences.

I feel as writers that sometimes writing is easier if we are emotional and have guidelines for how it feels to be heartbroken, exhilarated, and ecstatic so we can write about it.

But what if, you not only remember those emotions and feelings but are now cataloguing them as they happen. I’ve found myself being very sad or very happy and stopping in that moment to note how it feels so I’ll be able to write that feeling later.

For example: my son is in the army and came home for his first leave since joining. The family hasn’t seen him in 5 months. My husband dropped me at the curb at San Francisco International to go to baggage and find our son. He has gotten so tall I saw him head and shoulders over everyone. My eyes teared up, my throat felt like I swallowed a tennis ball, I couldn’t breathe I was so happy and all I could think about was “this would be great for a reunion scene in a book.”

Do other writers have these problems? I don’t want to be on the outside looking in on my life. I like my emotions, I want to just experience them.

As a writer do you have this happen? Is this like having trouble reading for pleasure now?

Jill James

6 thoughts on “Feeling Our Emotions

  1. Nice blog Jill. I definitely put myself in my emotions and note how it feels. I’ve always been a very emotional and passionate person. I love hard and if you cross me or betray me. . .it’s over. That’s probably not the right way to be, but it’s me and it’s my morals. When I write emotional scenes in my novels, I completely put my emotions in it and see how the protagonist would feel.

  2. You aren’t alone, honey. As writers, we are always looking for something to catch our readers attention and to me an emotional reader is good. I’ve been told one of my books was too emotional so it’s a balancing act as well.

    Take it as it comes.


  3. You are a very emotional being, I’m testiment to that! When I saw my grandson for the first time in almost 15mos. He’s a Marine and has been in heavy combat overseas all this time. I cried like a baby. I held on to him for so long, I thought I’d never let him go. I did the same thing when my son, his father, came from Kuwait, so many years before. It was one of those times I allowed my emotions to over run everything. My niece said there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. When I saw him standing there, tall, handsome, a bit thin, but still my grandson, he just held his arms out to me.

    • Lee, I love that about you. You aren’t overemotional so when you cried seeing your grandson you affected everyone. If Lee was crying it was ok for the rest of them to bawl. LOL

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