The Taking – Dean Koontz

I have always loved Dean Koontz’ stories with dogs. This one doesn’t have a dog POV but very strong canine characters.

The Taking starts out as a classic horror story, veers into what you believe is a rewrite of War of the Worlds, then takes off for places and events unimaginable, unless you are Koontz of course.

The character of Molly Sloan made this book a keeper. I loved her love for her husband, her belief that hope will save us, and that children are our most precious commodity; to be saved at all costs.

*Disclaimer – this book was a private purchase and review made on my own.

Jill James


5 thoughts on “The Taking – Dean Koontz

  1. Dogs make such great characters..They are so expressive and fun..I often wondered when we had a dog, what he was thinking…Now I wonder what the cats are thinking!

  2. Lee, I had lots of cats and I always wondered what they were thinking, much more than dogs. I watched UP and just laughed at the dogs with the talking boxes. Yada, yada, SQUIRREL!

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