Leviathan – David L. Golemon

I love Golemon’s stories of the Event Group that started with the Event book. They are basically a select deep, deep undercover group, known only to the President of the United States, who investigate historically important events. Events from the past that can affect the present and the future.

In this book, the Event Group is on a chase to find Leviathan, a highly advanced submarine that is set to destroy the nations the inventors feel are destroying the seas.

It is a retelling of the Jules Verne classic 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I’ve enjoyed all the books so far, but this was the best.

Jill James


4 thoughts on “Leviathan – David L. Golemon

    • Pearl, ever since I’ve seen advertisements for The Event I assumed it was related the The Event Group books by Goleman but I can’t find anything to show they are related. Would love to find out why too.

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