Cold Sight by Leslie Parrish

I loved Leslie’s Black CAT series. But, I think, I might like this cold sight team even better. As a writer you often hear editors and agents mention they want “something the same, but different” and every writer goes “huh?”

The same, but different is this book. It is definitely a romantic suspense with a team of experts out to catch the bad guy. But, this team has special powers, psychic powers.

Led by a total hunk, Aiden McConnell, a man facing his demons of a case gone deadly wrong, the team is made up of several men and women with different powers. Seeing the future, the past, the last minutes of the deceased, and with help from a ghost.

Into this group is thrust Lexie Nolan, a reporter on a case of missing girls that no one in the small town seems to believe are missing.

The group is spectacular and the interaction between Aiden and Lexie is hot, hot, hot.

Jill James

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