Carnal Sin – Allison Brennan

7 Deadly Sins series - Book 2

I read a lot of books with demon killers, dragon slayers, and vampire hunters. But, Moira O’Donnell in Allison Brennan’s 7 Deadly Sins series is the best kickass heroine ever. Added to that, Brennan has given her a hero worthy of her – Rafe Cooper. Yum!!

I love that Moira has fears and doubts. It makes her more real to acknowledge them. This latest book – Carnal Sin – is Brennan’s sexiest one yet, which no doubt comes from the fact that Moira and Rafe are trying to stop the demon Lust.

I enjoyed Moira’s worries that what she feels for Rafe may just be a byproduct of the demon Lust running around wrecking havoc. On top of that, Moira and Rafe are running around and from the police, dealing with demons and witches, which the police are so not going to believe.

Brennan dug deep for this one with its underlying concern with what happens when we die. Can souls be redeemed? Can people repent with their dying breath? It was a very enjoyable read with deep thoughts to think about long after the last page is read.

Jill James



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