Private Tim is on his way again.

Fort Jackson, SC

So, Tim needed to run 2 miles in 16:38 or less. On Thursday he did it in 16:33. So this bright Friday morning he is at the airport in Columbus waiting for the plane to Atlanta. Once there he will board a bus for Ft. Jackson, South Carolina where his AIT (Advanced Individual Training) will take place so he can become a Human Resources Specialist.

I have been so proud and amazed at the comfident man he has become. Nothing fazes him now, he is ready for whatever the world throws at him. Have to keep taking the running test. No problem. He did it until he accomplished it. Hours at the airport waiting. No problem. He is calling his family and friends and letting them know how things are going.

When he has a new address at Ft. Jackson we will let all his family and friends know how to reach him.

Jill James