Miss Know-It-All

That was my nickname as a kid. Usually with snotty tone of voice and scrunched nose being looked down by beady, narrowed eyes at me. “Little Miss Know-It-All”

I always wondered why that was a bad thing. Don’t we all want to know everything? Or was that just me? Didn’t every 10-year-old read encyclopedias for fun? Didn’t every 5th grader get to go to the junior high library because they had read all the books in the elementary school library? Didn’t everyone get an A on their weekly spelling test?

OK, maybe not everyone, but I must have some kindred spirits in the world. Others who want to continue to learn, even as grown-ups. Then I met writers. Yeah!! If anyone knows about learning your whole life long it is writers.

To be a writer is to know no matter how much you know, you know nothing. Every day, every page, every sentence is a lesson in what works, what doesn’t work, and what you need to learn to make it work.

To be part of the publishing world is a whole new world to learn. How everything works, how people work within this new world, and how do you fit into it. But, since I’m still Miss Wants-To-Know-It-All, I’ll learn as I go along.

Jill James


3 thoughts on “Miss Know-It-All

  1. We talked about this yesterday, and it does make me smile. I was quiet as a kid, so that no one would know I was around, and I get some peace in a large family. I would set back and listen to conversations and have my opinions, and know I was right because like you I flipped through the pages of a a encyclopedia just for fun. I loved to know things. I still do that. Now my family calls me Missy Know-it-all, because I’m not so quiet anymore. My husband likes to remind me I have 145IQ, especially when I’m wrong. Keep flipping through the pages of that encyclopedia, you never know what you’ll come across.

  2. We are not alone. Too bad there is not some sort of rainbow aura by which we would know each other when in crowds.

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