The Writing Journey

Someone once told me that writing is about the journey, not the destination. LOL I didn’t believe them. Now I do.

Each step of my journey; the workshops, joining RWA, joining the chapters, forming our own chapter, the rejections, some more workshops, meeting authors who I only dreamed of, and getting that letter with yes, we want to publish your story.

I would not appreciate this moment like I do if it hadn’t been for the journey to this point. And now I know, the journey is still just beginning. I’m going to enjoy every moment, every bright light, and dark spot along the way. Because each of those things will add to the adventure of my journey.

Learn to enjoy the moment, because it is all we have.

Jill James


4 thoughts on “The Writing Journey

  1. Jill your right. Plus the journey makes it so much sweeter. I have been working with an agent on some tightening and her suggestions are making it sooo much better. It seemed like a ton at first, but she told me to break it down into bits and pieces and remember it’s all a journey to get my book on the shelf. I’m taking my time and enjoying every bit of it!

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