Before, I used to hate editing. I couldn’t see my own mistakes. If I used a critique partner I just changed whatever they said to change. It took some growth as a writer to not just change my story willy-nilly, just because.

This week I got the first round edits from my editor. Are there any sweeter words in the English langague then, “my editor”? I don’t think so. It is amazing what has happened to my story and my writing by following her edits. The story is faster-paced, it reads better, and I love it all over again.

My hope for the future is to remember what she tells me and have less edits next time I write a story.

Has something or someone brought a new dimension to your writing?

Jill James


4 thoughts on “Editing

  1. It’s a whole different ball game when your revising for YOUR own editor, isn’t it!! Makes even the most difficult task so much more bearable, even fun! Congrats again!

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