I Sold

After The End, those must be the sweetest words in the writer’s world. I am so proud that Tempting Adam, a contemporary romance, has sold to The Wild Rose Press. I’ve been working with Tori Spence on revisions and editing.  She is an angel. I wish she were nearby so I could hug her.


May 28th, 2010

Received email at 6 p.m. to offer me a contract and welcome me to The Wild Rose Press. O…M…G. Every step of the process with TWRP has been amazing. It has been nice and easy and fast.

I am still walking around in a daze, pinching myself, asking if this is really real. I don’t think I will truly believe it until I see a cover with my name on it. OMG, just that thought tickles my heart and gets the tear ducts going.

Have you ever had a dream come true? How did it feel?

Jill James


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