Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day has always been an important date for me especially growing up as a small child, in Dundalk, a small town just outside Baltimore. Memorial Day was an important day with parades and flags and remembrances of what our armed forces do for us.

Memorial Day has never had such meaning as it does this year with my son in boot camp and ready, willing, and able to serve his country. Freedom isn’t free.


Do you have someone serving this Memorial Day? Do you have someone close and special to remember this day?

Jill James


6 thoughts on “Memorial Day

  1. It’s always been important for my family. We had all the traditional picnics, and gatherings. But since I just got home from a long trip, not this year. We always stopped and had a moment of silence to remember our fallen heroes. Especially family members who gave their lives for us.

  2. As I now stay home to care for my mother, no, I did not get out to any of the public commemorations. Mom remembers the great depression and WWII and everything since. We talked a lot about these things yesterday, as we often do.

    Thank you for your public declaration of honor for these selfless ones who gave their lives so that we could live free.

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