Relentless – Dean Koontz

Ever since Watchers and Strangers I have loved Dean Koontz, but he truly returns to his horror roots with Relentless. This story pits Cubby, a writer, Penny, his wife, and Milo their child genius against the evil book reviewer. Played at times for laughs it is a sad tale of the times we live in and the decay of society as the writer sees it.

The dog, Lassie, is a character all by herself; from the moment she is ‘found’ by Milo to the revelation of what a wonderful dog she truly is.

This is Koontz at his best. And I love his stories with dogs in them.

Jill James


6 thoughts on “Relentless – Dean Koontz

  1. I haven’t read Koontz, but I have friends who love him!! And anything with a dog in it I love, as long as the dog lives in the end.

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