Happy Birthday Private Tim

Tim's 1st Birthday

We did have a party for Tim before he left for boot camp, but his official birthday is today. He is 20 years old. And still my baby.

I hope to hear from him, but if not I think I’ll text him a birthday wish and he will get it when it gets it. Joining the army means all of us will have to leave different things. He has a lot to learn but we will have to learn to communicate when he is able, to not see him for long stretches of time, and to enjoy each time he is able to call or write.Happy Birthday Tim.

Tim's 20th Birthday

Jill James/Mom

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Private Tim

    • Yeah, if he had left months ago and now was his birthday I would have been very, very sad. He is still in the US so not sure yet about texting overseas.

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