Private Tim has arrived

My son Tim flew to his military base yesterday. Thankfully he had his cell phone. He texted at 4:47 am to let us know the shuttle had arrived to take him to the airport. He called at 6 am and asked me what I was doing. Duh! I was sleeping, but still so excited to receive his call. He was at the airport, waiting with the other soldiers for their plane.

They had a stopover in Phoenix and he called from there to let me know he was on the ground and going to lunch.

He called again once he was in Atlanta. He was waiting for the bus to take him to Ft. Benning. Seems there were so many on the incoming planes that the bus had to go to the base, dump off those guys and come back for the rest. Needless to say, it was a long day for Tim. Since there will not be phone calls or letters for awhile, I have to imagine Tim getting woke up at 5 am after his long day, grumbling, hopefully to himself, lining up, and starting his army life.

Each of us in the family took one of the army men that were on his birthday/going away cake and put it somewhere we will see every day to think about Tim and to lend him strength.

What hard thing have you done lately?

Jill James


2 thoughts on “Private Tim has arrived

  1. Well, that’s really sad Jill. My prayers are with you.
    Thank you for being a guest goddess over at
    We love having you there.

    What has been hard? Well, I started my personal web page AND started writing in a new genre! Probably writing in the new genre has been the eye opener. I’ve never done a lot of research for my books and this one is sending me every where and researching. I’m actually loving every bit of it. Plus it’s exciting and I’m getting over 2k GOOD words written a day.

  2. Tonya, I really enjoyed being a guest goddess. I hope I was coherent about why I chose to try e-publishing.

    Good for you for trying a new direction. We all need to stretch our wings. Ask Lee about research, she lives for that stuff. I thought I knew a lot of history, but she talks circles around me. LOL

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