Countdown Continues

Tim - ready to go

Relentless like the tide, time marches on. Tim’s countdown to boot camp is 3 days and dwindling.  Today he was back home after his final check-in at MEPS. He passed his physical stuff with sit-ups, push-ups, and running a mile in 8:30. So now we just get to enjoy his birthday party tomorrow, Super Tim day on Sunday and he is off to Georgia at 4 am on Monday morning.

We are kinda skipping Easter this year to have Super Tim Day. We are doing all the things Tim likes to do, and he gets to do them with everybody. Bowling, a movie, and sushi at a Japanese restaurant. (The rest of us are having cooked food, thank you very much.)

When he started this whole thing way back in Sept/Oct, it seemed like we had forever until he would be leaving. He took the test a few times to raise his score, he took forever to finally get his first physical, and now his day to leave is approaching so fast I feel like I can feel the wind in my face.

Have you ever had something seem so far away and now it is here?

Jill James


12 thoughts on “Countdown Continues

  1. Tim’s so cute–the best of you and Patrick! And he looks very happy given his upcoming adventures. Have an awesome Super Tim day, Amanda. I’m sure this is just the beginning of super times!

  2. Super Tim Day sounds like great idea. 🙂 And yes, though it’s not at all the same, every year I chaired the conference, it seemed to come so fast. Those three years flew by…LOL

    Hugs on those three days!!

    • Donna, thanks. I know what you mean about conferences and events. When we recently did one (BDRWA) the time seemed to fly by while we rechecked schedules and flights and hotels and such.

  3. Big hug to Tim and best of luck. He’ll do just fine in bootcamp.

    And mom call me anytime. I’ve been there and done that with brothers, nephews, nieces, my own son and now my grandson. Just keep busy, it helps.

  4. Super Tim Day sounds so cool! If my son joins the military, I’ll have to remember to give him a Super Cody Day. 🙂 Best of luck to Tim and your family with everything in this new journey. 🙂

  5. Amanda,

    That’s a wonderful day to a special day just for Tim.

    Time used to go by so slow when I was younger, but now that I’m old time goes by really fast.

    • Sandy, I’ve noticed as the years go by it seems like each day is over before it begins. That it is time to buy Christmas presents when it seems we celebrated just yesterday. I hope this holds true for Tim’s boot camp and it is over before I know it.

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