Countdown Zooms By

Countdown Zooms By

The countdown to Tim’s boot camp continues. When he first signed up it seemed to long away. Time for him to get into shape, time for us to adjust to his going, time to spend quality time with him. Now all that has whooshed by and is gone.

Today is his last Future Soldier day at the recruiters. They will test him mentally and physically to make sure he is ready to go. Then tomorrow I drop him off at the recruiters and he goes to MEPS (Medical Evaluation Processing Station) for his last physical before leaving for boot camp. They check he has no new tattoos (he has none, period), blood test for drugs (none there either LOL), and is ready to go.

Too bad they don’t have a Future Soldier’s Mom thing to make sure I’m ready for him to go. 🙂

Jill James