Countdown Begins

Countdown Begins

The countdown to Private Tim’s bootcamp is on. He leaves on April 5th for Fort Benning in Georgia. To say the family is stressed would be a major understatement. As a family, we seem to not take change well. Sending your baby to the Army is a big change. His life will change for sure. He will learn a whole new way of life, meet people from all over the country and eventually maybe even the world. He will change in ways we can envision and in ways we can’t even imagine.

The folks at home will change too. We will be one less for holidays and birthdays. He will only be near in our thoughts and in emails. I will need to learn to cook for only two. I will need to learn to embrace the silence in my house. I will need to remember the baby, little boy, young man he has been and look forward to the day I will hug the man he has become.

Boot Camp – 7 days and counting.

Jill James


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  1. Tonya, my dad, uncle, and brother all served so I guess it runs in the family. We are having Tim’s birthday on Saturday because he will be in Georgia for his actual birthday. Then Sunday we are having Tim day with the whole family. All the things Tim likes to do. Bowling, a movie, and dinner at a Japanese restaurant so he can have sushi. Not much sushi at boot camp. hahahahaha

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