Win or Lose

By nature, I’m a very competitive person. I’m a poor winner and an even more poor loser. I’m well aware of this fact and I’ve been fighting it my entire life. I’ve gotten much better. I still love the thrill of winning but I’m much more gracious in defeat and genuinely happy for the winner.

Yesterday the Golden Heart announcement calls went out from RWA. Now, I was hoping to final because I believe in the story I entered. I think it is good, unique, and original. No call. When I receive my scores in 4 to 6 weeks we’ll see what the judges think. LOL

So, I did spend some time at home yesterday hoping the phone would ring. But it didn’t. Yes, I was bummed. Everyone is allowed their moment of a pity party. But for the first time, I didn’t feel like I didn’t final. My story didn’t final. I refuse to be defined by one story I wrote. I am more than that. I have plenty of stories inside me to tell and maybe next time it will be the story that finals.

So, congratulations to all the GH and Rita finalists. This is your year. Enjoy every moment of it.

How do you deal with a setback or defeat?

Jill James


2 thoughts on “Win or Lose

  1. Hi Jill! I believe every set back is a step closer to your dream. It’s a learning curve and only helps you get better. I believe in your work too. There always next year for the same book!

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