A Week in Paradise

Life in Hawaii is different from other states. Hawaii is almost a state of mind. I didn’t want to come home from our vacation/brother’s wedding in Hawaii. The days flow into one and another like lava flowing down a hill. The place is paradise, even the city of Honolulu.

I loved the sunsets, the beaches, and the people. Alohas and Mahalos flow everywhere. I have been to a lot of the states in the United States and the Hawaiians were the friendliest people I’ve met.

They love their islands and want you to love them too. It is bad luck to bring a piece of the islands home with you, so the rocks and coral I loved so much had to stay there. 😦 But they say a picture is worth a thousand words…so

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3 thoughts on “A Week in Paradise

  1. Tonya, it was gorgeous. The sunrises and the sunsets were every shade of orange, red, and pink and purple. The days it rained we had rainbows. I would go back again in a second.

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