Kristin Nelson – literary agent

Pubrants is a great blog. Kristin Nelson may be known as the nicest person in the business. This is just what I have heard, she isn’t my agent — I wish. I sent a query to her years ago and got back the fastest no I’ve ever received. I haven’t written anything since that I feel would be the right fit to send to her. I went to her workshop at a National Conference and she seemed very personable and friendly. She talked to everyone who walked up to her after the workshop.

Her blog gives lots of details of an agent’s day and an agent’s thinking process. She tells you what works for her, what doesn’t work for her, and why.  Getting that ‘why’ is hard in this business and I enjoy that her blog tries to tell you.

Jill James

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  1. Kristin IS a nice person and terrific agent. We’ve talked through my work running AgentFest at ThrillerFest, and I have been most impressed. You have good taste in agents!

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