Impact – Douglas Preston

A meteorite has passed straight through Earth. So begins the tale of Impact. I love this story. It came with no instant answers and with no last minute – We save the Earth – effort. I won’t spoil the story, but the twists and turns in this book leave the reader with a heavy “What if?” thought.

The characters are amazing. Wyman Ford is a man’s man. He blows stuff up, defeats the bad guys, and always has a back-up plan. Abbey Straw is a flawed character who doesn’t know her own worth, which is sad because she is the smartest character I’ve ever read. I love her growth and tenaciousness throughout the book.

This story will have lots of readers asking questions about science and our government and the world and universe around us.

Have you ever read a story that really made you think, What if?

Jill James

*Received ARC from Tor/Forge