No Pain No Gain

At the gym

Or as Private Tim’s Army recruiters say, “Pain is the body’s way of getting rid of weakness.”Not sure I like either one of those sayings, but my first workout with a personal trainer at the gym just about killed me. I was fine during the workout, I was fine on the way home. I was fine until I sat down to eat lunch and couldn’t get back up. It took four days to start walking without pain.

When you are with a personal trainer you definitely overdo it. You have this person who seems to believe in you, at least for the 30 minutes they are with you. “Come on. You can do it. Just one more.” Why is one more never actually one?

I love to exercise. I love the endorphin rush. I love seeing my body reshape. But, I think I’m one of those people who doesn’t mind if it takes awhile. I don’t need to lose all my weight in one workout. Slow and steady won the race and I am definitely the tortoise.

Do you exercise great on your own? Or do you need a buddy or coach?

Jill James   






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