Unwind – Neil Shusterman

I am endlessly amazed by the plethora of plots, genres, and talented authors when I stroll into the YA/Teen section of my local Barnes & Noble Booksellers.

When I was a YA/Teen there were no YA books. One either read children’s books or adult books. I went from Little House on the Prairie to Joanna Lindsey, Jennifer Blake, Heather Graham, and Rosemary Rogers.

The other day on the Murder She Writes blog Allison Brennan had her daughter on there to discuss her likes and dislikes of YA books and authors. She recommended Neil Shusterman’s Unwind. I was hooked from the backcover. The plotline is intriquing to say the least, the writing is excellent, and like most YA’s is fast-paced and easy to read. The story carries you along on the journey with three different but alike Unwinds; young teens who are ordered unwound by their parents and the state. In this futuristic tale killing any child is not allowed, life begins with conception, but between the ages of 13 and 18 a child can be unwound, taken apart, and parceled out to others an organ, tissue, or limb at a time. It is the belief that these children are not “killed” but still alive in thousands of other beings.

Even if you are not a YA/teen this is storytelling at its best and I will be getting other Neil Shusterman novels in the near future.

Do you ever read other genres than your usual? Do you ever venture into the YA/Teen section?

Jill James

4 thoughts on “Unwind – Neil Shusterman

  1. Holy Moly! Talk about convenient characterization. Parceling off body parts is akin to expanding a life? Sounds very intriguing, Jill. Thanks for the rec. I’ve never read YA (not since Sweet Valley High), not even Twilight. Will definitely need to give it a try.


  2. Virna, I was intrigued by the thought processes people will go through to rationalize anything.

    It was a great book. I’m really enjoying the different kinds of YA books that are out there now.


  3. I do go into the YA section of the book store because their covers are BEAUTIFUL!
    Sweet Valley High was about the only series when I was a teenager. I did read Lisa Mcman’s series which I can’t believe this is what teenagers are ready. They seem so much more adult like than when I was a teenager.


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