Strong – Army Strong

Today I have to take my son to the recruiter so he can take his physical to join the army. I’m proud, don’t get me wrong, but I’m so nervous. This is my baby we are talking about. Okay, he is 6 feet tall now, but still my baby.

This is what he wants to do. He wants to be a CSI somewhere down the road and this is the path he has chosen to get there. The world is his and at 19, almost 20 he gets to choose what direction his life will go.

Being a mom is hard. We spend their whole lives trying to make them independent, able to think for themselves, to make their choices. Then, we have to live with the choices they make. I think moms need to be Army Strong too.

Jill James


6 thoughts on “Strong – Army Strong

  1. when joshuwa came to us and said he was thinking about joining the army my gut reaction was no not my son and i fought him on it tooth and nail .. that was almost 7 years ago and i am so proud of the man he has become because of the army . you just have to put your faith in the lord that tim will be safe and strong and come home a better person then he already is.which i have no doubt will happen.
    its funny the other day joshuwa was telling us how as a child he looked up to patrick and wanted to be just like him how he idolized him and in many ways he did take after patrick with a police background aspect but he went beyound that with the milatary and im happy he had patrick to look up to as a role model and tim does too even more so. plus he has a wonderful mother to worry about him and do all the mom whatever he chooses to do you can be proud of the man he is and the man he will become.
    and if you ever want to talk with a mom who has been there and contunies to be there give me a call anytime im here for you… DEBBIE

  2. Debbie, thank you for the wonderful note. I am so proud of Tim and Joshuwa and the choices they have made.

    Tim had some red tape stuff today, so he goes in again tomorrow. Physical is Wednesday, I will keep everyone up to date.

  3. I’ve been down this road one to many times. I watched my mother go through it with two brothers in the military, during Vietnam, I went through it when my oldest son joined the Marines, and now my son has had to watch his son go into the Marines and into harms way. Its hard, and its hard to let go. But it does make them a better a person in the long run. It gave my brothers, my son and now my grandson direction. Tim will do fine, and he will have his doubts about his decision at times, which is natural. Just let go, and he’ll land on his feet and be a better person for it.

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