Here comes the rain again…finally.

Here comes the rain.

It is raining in Northern California. It is expected to rain all week. On one hand this is a good thing, we need the rain here in Nor Cal. But, on the other hand, doing errands in the rain-soaked day is not fun.


I wish I could just start a nice fire, cuddle up with a blanket and a new book, but alas, it is not to be so. I have errands to run that can’t wait. Christmas cards that have to be mailed, checks to be cashed, and places to stop and see people.

So, out into the rain I go, thankful that unlike the Wicked Witch I won’t melt.

How do you like to spend a rainy day?

Jill James


2 thoughts on “Here comes the rain again…finally.

  1. With no anxiety hanging over my head that I need to clean the house or “should” be doing something I’m not, even if that’s writing. I’d just love to lounge and watch a movie and sleep and eat chocolate without feeling guilty for that either!!

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